Caledon is a growing community, and we’re growing more quickly every day.

Of course, we welcome newcomers to Caledon! Caledon is a beautiful and welcoming community, and all the things that make it a community worth living in are the same things that make it a community worth moving to.

But when we’re growing quickly, we also need to grow responsibly. 

With all the drama that’s constantly going on in Toronto, in Ottawa, and around the world, it’s easy to forget about important things happening right in front of us.

But we shouldn’t! Caledon is where our kids go to school. It’s where we live, eat and sleep. It’s where we see our friends, families, and neighbours. It’s the place we know best, and the place we can impact most.

That’s why we’re thinking locally, and we think you should too. The local is where we can have the most impact and make a change. It’s where we can get the most involved in the decisions that impact ourselves and the people we care about.

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Caledon is a town in the Regional Municipality of Peel in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, Canada. From a shortened form of Caledonia, the Roman name for North Britain; Caledon is a developing urban area, although it remains primarily rural.

Caledon is the best community in Ontario.

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